GI Issues

Karen is great! She smart and well informed. She’s personable and funny. She’s sensitive and diplomatic. She’s ethical and well-intentioned. She made me aware of the connections between the foods I was eating and the health issues I was having. She started me on the journey that has resulted in the near-total resolution of the gut issues that have undermined my health for the past thirty years. Thank you, Karen.

TC – 2021 Fountain Hills, AZ

Leaky Gut

After developing some complex GI issues related to Leaky Gut over the past 5 years, I was referred to Karen Graham by my Integrative Medicine doctor. Within the first 10 minutes of sitting through one of Karen’s workshops it was clearly evident that she was the GI expert I needed to finally help me heal after years of being chronically ill.

As a Functional Medicine Dietician, Karen’s understanding about the human microbiome and how it affects the many aspects of our bodies has me on the right path to recovery. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has been struggling with stomach issues and has been told to take a pill and learn to deal with it. Again, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Mike Ronan – Dec 2019

IBS, Autoimmune & Weight Gain

Karen Graham is an expert in nutrition and GI issues.  I’m a new patient and I find her to be exceptional in her approach to managing individual needs. Her method is simple and effective with a step by step process that I can reasonably manage.  The start of the program is education and learning about various aspects of GI issues. Then a follow up visit is scheduled to review your medical history and lab work. I appreciate her attention to detail and thoroughness in my medical history to get to the root of the problem. A plan is devised together to take the journey toward  healing. With Karen’s program within days I could feel a difference and shift in my body.  I have been to numerous doctors and have tried other healing programs without success. In the short time I’ve been a patient I feel like I’ve accomplished more than all the other programs combined.  I highly recommend Karen for her expertise, clinical research, knowledge, skills and abilities. She is positive, upbeat, super nice and pleasant to work with.

S. Lopez- Feb 2019

Chronic infections & Weight Gain

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Karen Graham. I began my journey with Karen a year and a half ago, 75 pounds over weight, and in poor health. Karen has guided me in an education of how nutrition impacts us, and which foods in particular trigger difficulties for my body. Over the last year and a half, I have gained several benefits including better respiratory health. I have traditionally had sinus infections at least twice a year since I can remember (culminating in sinus surgery) and certainly since the year 2000. For the first time in 17 years, I have NOT had a sinus infection, all due to better nutrition. Through better nutrition tailored to my body, I have clearer thinking, better breathing, and I have reduced my weight by 57 pounds without feeling starving or being cranky. I am mentally and physically in better shape than I have been since my 20s. Thank you, Karen!!

Judy Honig- Feb 2018

GI Issues

Where to begin … I’ll start with Karen is AMAZING! I started seeing Karen in 2017, after more than 20 years of GI issues. Notwithstanding my ongoing efforts – many long appointments with specialists, myriad lab tests, prescription medications and so forth – I was never correctly diagnosed nor treated and had essentially given up, resolved to live in a fair level of pain on a daily basis. A few years ago, my husband saw Karen and raved about her, and after several years of foot dragging, I finally went in to see her. Immediately, she correctly diagnosed my issue and we’ve worked together for the past months to resolve it. I’m feeling better than I have felt for a very long time, and am SO grateful. One of my children has a related health issue. Unfortunately, Karen does not treat children, but the experience I have gone through in trying to get my child correctly diagnosed and treated (let’s just say, I’ve kissed many frogs) is an ongoing reminder to me that not all practitioners are competent and ethical, the way that Karen is. 

Karen does not advise in areas beyond her expertise, but has good referrals to practitioners more knowledgeable in such areas. (She eventually helped me find a practitioner for my child.). She does not sell supplements or run tests through her office (as some practitioners do), so you know her advice is not based upon her personal financial interest, but is instead based upon what she truly believes will benefit her client. You will not walk out of her office with a laundry list of supplements to buy and practices to incorporate in your life. Rather, you will walk out with a short list of manageable strategies that have been explained to you in detail (and that – here’s the best part – actually work). 

Finally, Karen meets you where you are and does not expect perfection, and does not judge. And, if all of that was not enough, she has a great sense of humor and is simply a lovely person. JoAnn, her assistant, is from New York – you can tell from her accent. Perhaps some other reviewers mistook her as being brusque? I have had many long conversations with JoAnn and my personal experience is that she is warm, caring, knowledgeable, extremely responsive and hard-working. She has always followed up with me and gotten me answers to questions in a timely manner. If there is any downside to Smart Nutrition it’s that, because Karen is SO competent, she has a lot of patients, and you may have to wait a bit to get in to see her. Well worth it, though – patience pays off.

Tiffany Cale- Feb 2018

GI Issues

I saw Karen back in March of 2015 for the first time. I have been having trouble with multiple stomach issues and immune problems since I was 16 years old. Now it’s September of 2016 and I do not exaggerate when I say I feel like a whole new person. Karen has gotten me off medication that I never thought in a million years I would be able to go without. My stomach and intestines are actually healing when I thought I would be sick forever. I actually lost weight (which has been a losing battle since I had kids). My life has changed and I’m a happier, healthier person overall. I still have some things going on that Karen is now addressing with me, and I can’t wait to see the results of the newest treatment that I’m about to start and best of all – it’s all natural and herbal so I’m not hurting my body anymore. I can’t thank her enough and I recommend her to anyone who has lost hope in doctors as I have. After almost 19 years of doctor after doctor, test after test, specialist after specialist, I finally feel better and know that I’m not crazy or just a hopeless case. THANK YOU KAREN!

Christa R. – 2016

GI Issues

To say that Karen Graham saved my life would not be an overstatement…

My story began back in 2013 when I was first diagnosed with small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). This is a very common and painful but not very well understood condition. At this time it can’t be cured but can be put into remission by protocols of either specific pharmaceutical or natural antibiotics and diet. I lived with bouts of SIBO for the next two years with remissions lasting from 2 to 8 months. In May of 2015 I became very ill with ulcers, gastritis, and pancreatitis, along with recurring bouts of SIBO that were not responding to treatment. I was hospitalized twice with discharge from the last hospitalization resulting in a feeding tube in my nose due to extreme weight loss and malnutrition. I was fed a formula nightly for 10 hours directly into my small intestine for two months as I could no longer tolerate food.

My life was a nightmare. I had been to many doctors, specialists, pain management, and a naturopath with many of them doing more harm than good. I was depressed, anxious, had no energy and had even starting slurring my words and stuttering because I was not absorbing nutrients. Neither my brain nor body was getting what it needed and I was shutting down. For 10 months I barely ate and battled daily abdominal pain. My quality of life sucked and I was ready to give up. I had run out of options and did not where to turn.

Enter Karen Graham. When I came to Karen I was still being tube fed through my nose. After a lengthy consultation Karen said she knew what was wrong with me and was going to be able to help me. I left the visit a bit skeptical because I had heard that many times before but also cautiously optimistic due to Karen’s confidence, knowledge and “bedside” manner. Karen listens and knows that one size does not fit all. Karen suspected that food allergies were at the root of my problem and, in fact, thought I was most likely allergic to the main ingredient in the formula I was being tube fed! Karen ordered allergy tests and that was all – no expensive supplements, vitamins, probiotics, etc. I had allergy tests before but Karen dug deep.

When I returned for my follow-up visit I was shocked to find that Karen had hit the nail on the head – I was allergic to that formula along with many other things! I went home that day and ripped the tube out of my nose and began following Karen’s protocol. Within 3 days I was feeling wonderful. My pain stopped, my energy was returning, and my depression and anxiety went away. It was like a light switch had been flipped and I had my life back!

My initial appointment was two months ago and there is still a long road ahead to recovery. Karen explained that it will take around 9 months for the damage to my intestines to heal and she wants to take it very slowly. That’s fine with me. Every day I get stronger, feel better, enjoy life more, and it’s all due to Karen’s expertise. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Thank you, Karen, thank you.

Felice Hursh – May 2016
Fountain Hills, AZ

GI Issues

I brought my teenage son to see Karen after being sick for his entire life. He was on 5 daily medications for asthma, allergies, and GI issues.  Doctors kept adding more drugs to our mix.  He also had been on long, heavy courses of antibiotics for several years. Karen was amazing.  She helped us understand what was going on with his immune and digestive system.   She provided education, facts, and a deep understanding of how diet can help heal a body.  After two sessions we had a plan and the hard work started.   It wasn’t easy. Working with a teenager has a lot of emotional and social baggage that plays a part.  But we followed a plan. Two years later my son is a healthy teenager, who has not been sick in 12 months, and is off all of the medications he was on when we first saw Karen!  We can’t thank Karen enough.

Leslie Gutman – October 2014

Food Allergies

I was overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness about my GI issues which I had been tackling for 6 years.

I decided to do an internet search and came upon Karen’s site. I was pretty depressed by this time and was not expecting the genuine concern I received with my initial phone call. Joanne was so kind and helpful.

When I had my first visit with Karen I left her office smiling, usually I would leave a medical consultation feeling discouraged. Karen listened and educated me on the GI tract. Following a basic food panel allergy test and the food substitutes Karen recommended I feel like a new person.

Within a very short time I went from having very poor days to feeling better than I have in a very long time. Karen’s help made a great difference in my life and I am truly grateful.

Mary Cathcart – June 2014


Dear Karen:

My husband and I have decided to move to Washington to live near our daughter and her family. A little bittersweet but we are excited about this next chapter in our lives.

I cannot leave without thanking you for your guidance in understanding type II diabetes. Turns out that diagnosis was the best thing to happen because I called you, followed everything you told me, used the brands you suggested and the results have been amazing. Dr Trop-Zell was speechless. I’m so proud of what “we” achieved. I feel and look like a new person.

Attached are the latest lab results. Look at that cholesterol!! Its been high for 20 years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please thank Joanne too, she was awesome.

Sincerely, A much healthier Diane Waldner – January 2014

Weight Loss

I started to notice a change in my body when I was prescribed a medication from my doctor. The major side effect was weight gain. I had gained about 35 pounds over the course of two years in college. I realized that I needed to make a change the night of my best friend’s birthday. I had my favorite little black dress picked out. When I put it on, I could only zip it half way up. I became very upset with my appearance and did not go to her birthday party. That was my wake up call. I am young and was not awfully over weight, but I drew the line when I couldn’t wear my clothes anymore. The following morning I did a search online for a dietician in Arizona.

I found Karen Graham at the top of several health sites and I was impressed when I viewed her website. Upon our first meeting, I felt very comfortable with Karen and I was able to share my story to find the cause of my weight gain. She performed a complete assessment of my health. I decided I wanted to follow her Weight Loss Program. Karen’s Weight Loss Program provided me with so much knowledge about nutrition. I felt motivated to lose weight the healthy way. I am a full time college student and I can’t find the time to work out regularly; I needed to change the way I ate to start losing weight, incorporate light exercise, and to take the right kind of supplements to be my best. Karen recommended specific supplements that would counteract the negative side effects of the medication I am prescribed. On a side note, I also suffer from extremely painful menstrual cramps. After a few months, these supplements have greatly reduced my pain and I no longer need to take pain medication!

Karen’s approach to the science of weight loss was so simple. I found it very easy to follow her eating guidelines. I immediately saw changes in my appetite and appearance. I looked forward to my follow up appointments as Karen has the technology in her office to evaluate progress. The improvements in my numbers are evidence that her methods work. I was so pleased.

I have lost a healthy 20 pounds in just over three months and am still on track for becoming even more fit. I tried on my little black dress that wouldn’t zip up a few months ago. Now it fits. It is a great feeling to know that I accomplished a seemingly impossible goal with such simplicity.

Lastly, I cannot thank Karen enough for helping me get over this obstacle. I brag about her eating tips to my friends and family; “I’m not on a diet. I’m on a lifestyle change!” I feel like I have the secret weapons to weight loss. What Karen recommends cannot be found online. That is because it comes from a truly educated woman who has credentials! The quick diets and fads on the internet are ineffective. They could have been posted by any unreliable source. Bottom line: they don’t work. I found that Karen’s program does work. It was well worth paying for her Weight Loss Program. The cost is much less than what I would have had to spend buying all new clothes because I could no longer fit into mine. The program is affordable and absolutely worth it. I strongly recommend meeting with Karen Graham to those who have any sort of a nutrition or diet issue.

The photo is a comparison of myself B.K. (Before Karen!) and recently from Halloween. Endless thank you’s, Karen!

J. Murphy – October, 2012

Ulcerative Colitis

“Having exhausted my medical options to treat chronic ulcerative colitis I was left with the choice of a colectomy or a non-medical alternative.  Karen took my condition very seriously and vowed to turn things around.  With a combination of her knowledge, supplements and a food allergy test she designed a nutrition plan that began working immediately.  Within a week I had regained my color.  Around the six-week mark I felt significantly better and had clearly started to heal as well as absorb nutrients properly.  Eight months later I was retested to find the colitis is in 100% remission.

To go from being severely disabled and sick to healthy and strong in around six months is astonishing.  Especially considering that I had been struggling for 2 1/2 years before.  While I continue to take prescribed medicine from my GI it is obvious that the benefits of Karen’s expertise are what pushed the colitis into remission.  It also didn’t hurt to lower my cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose.  Thank you Karen!”

Steve O. – 9/2012

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

I met Karen Graham October 2011.  She is my first dietary nutritionist consultant.  I had just turned 70 and was diagnosed with Stage III Kidney Failure due to anti-inflammatory drugs.  My lowest GFR reading was 37 and my creatinine 1.59. I also had coronary issues.

My doctors were not much help other than giving out pills which helped but did not address the problems that could be solved by proper nutrition.

I went to a South West Kidney seminar for people with chronic kidney disease and was advised to see a nutritionist.  This is when Karen came into my life.  I am eternally grateful and very lucky to have found her. Everyone would do well to have her in their lives.

Karen is extremely knowledgeable and a master of her profession. I was very impressed by our first meeting because she looked so healthy and she was beautiful inside and out, which inspired me. She was very efficient in getting me on a healthy dietary path, with supplements as needed.

She customized my eating plan to coincide with my blood labs, health condition, etc and incorporate the foods that I like, making it easy to stay on the regiment.

After several months of my new dietary eating habits, my GFR is up to 55; and my creatinine is down to 1.30.  I am no longer taking blood pressure medications, have cut my cholesterol meds in half, lost 20 lbs. Of course, a good exercise program to go along with eating right is very beneficial.

With Karen’s guidance, I have never felt better!  She has been very caring, devoted and prompt in meeting my dietary needs. I love my new dietary lifestyle and have no problem sticking with it.

Thank you very much Karen!

Sincerely, Bruce E. Perry – May 4, 2012

GI Disorder

It was the most marvelous of luck for me that I found Karen Graham. I had just gotten out of the hospital after two major surgeries resulting in a major intestinal condition that is chronic, dangerous, and complicated. The nutritionists in the hospital were of utterly no help to me and, I found out later, were recommending a nutritional program that not only exacerbated my condition but is medically contradicted. I found Karen through an internet search and when I spoke to her I knew, from the very first contact, that she knew what she was talking about. She took charge of my nutritional plan and gave me dozens of guidelines, meal plans, and strategies which immediately stopped my disastrous free fall of weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, worry, and overall distress. I have since studied many of the scientific articles relating to nutritional guidelines for my condition and her recommendations were spot-on, that is, her advice is backed by peer-reviewed research. She even knew about relatively rare but potentially lethal side effects of certain supplements which, while helpful to people with normal intestines, could be disastrous for people with my condition.

As a health psychologist who treats patients with medical diagnoses, I understand how vital it is to be treated by an expert who really knows their field. Often the difference between life and death, or between suffering and a good quality of life, depends on the skills of the professional who is treating the patient. There are folks out there who put out their shingle as a “nutritionist” or “dietician,” and many of them simply do not have the qualifications to treat complicated conditions. Karen Graham does. My condition puts me at risk for very poor quality of life, but with Karen’s help and advice I have flourished. Not only is she competent but she is also kind and empathic.

Kimberly Obitz, PhD – Clinical Psychologist

Food Allergy Testing/Migraines

I suffer from a neurological brain disorder called migraine associated vertigo. I was barely able to walk when I met Karen in December of 2009. My severe migraines with and without headaches can be disabling at times. In fact, by December of 2009 I developed neurological deficits that had affected the right part of my brain and was not able to process information correctly thus making it difficult to walk and drive. Thus, I entered vestibular brain therapy.
My Otoneurologist wanted to make sure I avoided as many triggers as possible to lessen the frequency of episodes of vestibular migraines. He asked if I would see a dietician to see what foods could be exasperating my problems.

Upon my initial conversation with Karen she said she wanted to do food intolerance testing. I wasn’t sure why she wanted to do such an extensive test when I thought chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, aspartame and cheese are the primary triggers of migraines. She explained that many times they discover other triggers and the test is very specific. I agreed to do the test.
The testing changed my life forever! The results showed I had severe gluten, dairy and egg intolerance. With such extreme sensitivity she suggested I see a Gastrointestinal Specialist to check for Celiac Disease and proper diagnosis and treatment. The food intolerance test did far more than reveal some sort of food intolerance for me. It led me to discovering I have Celiac Disease. I had experienced symptoms since the age of 4 including anemia. Additional testing also revealed I had a vitamin D3 and A deficiencies which is common with Celiac patients.

From the day Karen told me I had severe gluten issues I have not had any gluten. And, immediately began having relief from migraine headaches. I have other non-food triggers of migraines but can tell you I rarely get a migraine headache now. If I get a migraine headache it is a result of a non-food related trigger. My vitamin deficiencies are turning around as the villi in the small intestine heal and I begin to absorb food properly. The vitamin levels are checked quarterly to ensure I am absorbing properly. My energy is better than it has ever been in my life! By avoiding foods that literally act as poison to my body I enjoy life so much more! I did not have many of the other typical symptoms of Celiac and thus never would have suspected it.

Not only am I grateful for the food intolerance testing, but that Karen then also educated me on how to eat without harming myself further. She literally grocery shopped with me and introduced me to food substitutes that I didn’t know existed. Karen didn’t stop there; she then introduced me to a hair stylist who specializes in organic and gluten-free hair products.

Karen’s expertise enabled her to detect I likely had far more than a food intolerance going on. She made sure I sought out proper care and treatment. Many people who have food intolerances can eat the foods again within a year or two. By ensuring we knew what I was dealing with we know not to even try to introduce gluten back into my life. It could literally cause damage that could be deadly, namely-cancer.

The food intolerance test changed my life and it can change yours!

As told by Laura R. – April 18, 2011

Weight Loss/cholesterol/pre-diabetes

I first met Karen Graham a few years ago. Last year when I did our health assessments for Schreiber (my work place) my cholesterol, triglycerides, and everything else associated with cholesterol were high and for the 1st time my glucose was getting out of control. I tried different things but my weight was going up too. I made a promise to myself and all I could do is think about my girls and taking the risk of not being around for them. I had a cousin in Washington with the same kind of build as me but maybe not as heavy. He went outside to check his mail in October 2010 and had a massive heart attack and died. He was only 5 years older than me. That was what really scared me.

Karen started classes for our company on January 12th, 2011. I had already started going to the gym but was staying the same. When we got our picture taken at Karen’s class it scared the heck out of me. I started following the eating plan and really started watching what I ate. Within a couple of weeks I started seeing results. My gym workouts were getting easier. On our first retest (weight & body fat %) on February 15, 2011 I had lost 12 lbs. in one month. The biggest thing was I went to my Dr. and had my blood work redone. This is what amazed me, my Cholesterol was at 254, now it’s at 154, my Triglycerides were at 756, now they are at 252, still high but I know they are getting better. My glucose was at 113-pre diabetic, now its 91 (normal). My Dr. was amazed and asked me what I was doing and to keep it up. Our ten- week nutrition class ended on March 16, 2011 and I continue to follow Karen’s eating program along with exercise and I have lost 55lbs since I started.

So in closing I want to thank Karen Graham for her great classes and her great knowledge. Thank you, Karen for I honestly believe it saved my life. I know it’s hard to say if she saved my life but she did something and I know I could not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for Karen Graham. Thank you Karen!

Update on Dan Garcia 7/22/11:    Cholesterol 129, Triglycerides 99, glucose 89, lost a total of 64 lbs.

Update on Dan Garcia 10/3/11:   Dan’s doctor took him off all his medications (cholesterol & high blood pressure)!!

 Dan Garcia- Schreiber Foods

Weight Loss

I met Karen Graham in January 2010 at the kickoff event for the “Get Well 2 Win” wellness challenge program. The nutritional information and support provided by Karen throughout the program can be described as the best available.

She is a knowledgeable and caring dietitian who was available to answer questions and provide helpful solutions, advice and nutritional insights. I remember going to her first nutrition seminar thinking I know almost everything about nutrition. I found out that I was just scratching the surface. Together we made a long list of healthy food options to get from Sprouts and Farmers market. The nutrition seminars offer complete and detailed information with topics such as: The Basics of Nutrition,Advanced Nutrition and Nutrition for Life.

As a result of completing the challenge there has been multiple rewards: I lost over 20% body fat, 75 pounds, 30 points in blood pressure, and 50 points in cholesterol − I could not have done this without the right diet and nutrition. I feel fantastic and better than ever! I also won the challenge.

Karen’s nutritional information seminars are a must for everyone!

Sincerely, Christian Ayerh – 2/2010

Corporate Wellness

Karen Graham has been a huge asset to our company.  She is very knowledgeable about the field of nutrition, and presents her knowledge to others in a way they can use and understand.  She has helped employees with a wide range of issues; spanning from weight loss and diabetes, to food allergies and migraine headaches.  Karen conducted a 10 week class at our location on healthy eating.  She covered topics such as Eating for Weight Loss, Supplements, Hormones and Hunger, and more.  Over the course of the 10 week program, 94% of participants made improvements in one or more measureable area (weight, body fat percentage, etc.).  I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to keep employees healthy and productive, control medical costs through prevention and lifestyle changes, or reduce the burden caused by sick time.  She truly is a necessary addition to any wellness program.

Jenny Faermark, PHR – 10/13/11
Schreiber Foods, Inc.

Corporate Wellness

Our company recently decided to implement a corporate wellness plan.  One component that we wanted to include was nutrition so we hired Karen Graham to give a one hour class on nutrition during an employee lunch and learn.

Karen did a great job!  She presented the information in a manner that was interesting and understandable –she has a way of connecting with people.  Our staff was listening evident by the number of questions and comments.  Basic every day applications were given that could be implemented immediately.  Every day after the session I noticed changes among my own staff.  They were excited and talked openly about what they learned with each other as well as with their family and friends.

Often times people attend seminars and are satisfied if they receive one good idea.  Be prepared to attend one of Karen Graham’s seminars and leave with a plethora of applicable information.

Christine Olson – 11/29/11
The Muller Company

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