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The Healing with Functional Nutrition course is a package that includes food sensitivity testing + 2 private consults via telemedicine.

I have found that the education part of healing is extremely valuable in resolving patient’s issues. When the patient understands exactly what is out of balance in their body and why they become much more compliant and therefore heal faster than patients that did not get the education part. I used to offer this program as an option but the results have been so significant that I have made this the only option.

I designed each lesson to be very short, about 5-10 minutes each. This is very helpful for busy people and helps in keeping people’s attention.

Getting Started

1. You do not need to contact us to get started. Just click on the link at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to an information page that contains links to create an account and pay for the program. Then you can start the course.

2. The beginning of the course contains paperwork that you will need fill out and email back to me. I will track your progress in the course and when you reach a certain lesson, a food sensitivity kit will me mailed to your address.

3. I will email your results to you and then you will watch the video called Understanding Your Lab Results ( this is included in your program). This lesson explains how to read the results. When you have finished that lesson, I will contact you to schedule your first appointment with me.

**It is very important that you pay attention to each lesson as I will not be going over this information in our appointments, I will assume you already have an understanding of the topics presented in each lesson. These appointments are strictly to give you personalized guidance.

These 45-minute visits are reserved for patients that have already had their 2 visits that are included in the course but want additional time with me. The cost is $165.

Healing with Functional Nutrition Program

The Healing with Functional Nutrition Program is a package that includes food sensitivity testing + 2 private consults via telemedicine + the online course. 

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