Benefits to the Physician’s Office

  • Ability to offer Medical Nutrition Therapy to your patients
  • Dietitian does own billing
  • Dietitian does own scheduling with patients
  • Dietitian provides MD with session notes for patient’s chart upon request.
  • We accept all major credit cards and HSA cards.


We are no longer accepting health insurance. We can provide a superbill.


How to Refer a Patient

If you are ready to refer a patient to us, we will need a few items from you:

Step 1:
Fill out our referral form using the appropriate ICD-10 codes.

Step 2:
Fax or email us a copy of:

  1. Most recent labs.
  2. H & P
  3. Completed referral form.

Fax: 480-699-8937
Secure email:   (HIPAA compliant email)

Thank you for your referral!